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AF - CQ Zone 33

ITU Zone 37






Ash KF5EYY operating from TS8TI AF-083

CQWW CW 2012 - Precontest

7O6T from 3V8SS

CQ WW CW 2011


CQ WPX SSB 2011 by DJ7IK


Installing CT37HF

Video by EA1GGJ - 20m pileup









CQ WW SSB 2014 from CN2R M/S


Jim W7EJ kindly invited me to join him in a Multi/Single effort from his station CN2R located in Casablanca Morocco. It didn't took me two days for me to confirm my attendance.

The team was composed of W7EJ, EA8RM, I4UFH, HB9DUR, W7ZR, EA9LZ and myself 3V/KF5EYY.

Our plan was to use 1 Run Station and 1 Mult Station. 2 other stations can join the RUN group as in-band stations or as additional MULT station. All the stations were interlocked accordingly.

CN2R Team Myself operating 15m Antenna towers at CN2R

Jim arrived early in October and had to set up two new towers for the MULT/In-Band Stations. The towers were over 250m away from the shack for the stations to be used within 20kHz from any MULT or RUN station. Rotors are driven through WiFi. Each tower was equipped with an A4S and an inverted-V for 40.

The main RUN and MULT stations have three different antennas on each band pointing to different directions with selection possibilities.

Jim on RUN Station Interlocking Master Panel CN2R Team

Contest start wasn't that good but the team could overcome the stress and enjoy. Preparations and fixing didn't finish by contest start, Jim still had to fix some issues with WiFi rotors.

The Partner station wasn't unfortunately ready for use.

Over 1500 QSOs were made on the In-Band stations. The contest ended up with 9818 QSOs and 25 million points.

Myself on RUN Station - Audio Recording by Ahmed 3V8CB




Thanks to LA7QIA's support, I set up a Reverse Beacon in my QTH in Sfax Tunisia. The set up consists of an SDR-IQ by RF SPACE, CW Skimmer by VE3NEA, W3OA's SkinScan, and a dipole antenna. Appreciate the help of N4ZR, VE3NEA and W2RF.

This Skimmer (named "3V/KF5EYY") is the first in North Africa.

See spots by 3V/KF5EYY Reverse Beacon here.

First spots by 3V/KF5EYY Reverse Beacon




I made these terrain analysis to better understand the impact of location and terrain on 3V8SS station performance.

The terrain profile files were manually and roughly populated. The only available angle elevation statistics are for 7X. These were used since there should be no big difference.

The results shown perfectly match my seven years experience operating this station. The problem still with JA and NA paths on 14MHz; a good percentage of take-off angles are not workable.

EUROPE PATH (See topography)

EU - 14MHz

EU - 21MHz

EU - 28MHz

JAPAN PATH (See topography)

JA - 14MHz

JA - 21MHz

JA - 28MHz

USA PATH (See topography)

US - 14MHz

US - 21MHz

US - 28MHz


SO2R Operation sample video during RDXC'14


I made this video using recording from my last participation in RDXC. It shows what can be done with an SO2R set up. My set up is composed of ARRAY SOLUTIONS device (manually actuated) and two TS-870.


YASME Excellence Award 2013 awarded to KF5EYY!


I was nominated in 2013 to be awarded the YASME Excellence Award. Part of the price value went to support ARAT's activities.

This is what YASME said: "Ashraf Chaabane, 3V/KF5EYY, has become an energetic representative on all fronts of Amateur Radio in Northern Africa and globally, presenting a positive role model for Amateur Radio throughout the Arab world with his enthusiasm and competitive spirit. His mission is to see the day when Tunisia issues him that country’s first individual Amateur Radio license. Chaabane will represent Africa as the team leader for the African team in WRTC-2014".

The full press release can be found here.


KF5EYY Qualified to WRTC 2014!


I'm proud to announce that, following the past 3 years of competition and the selection process run by WRTC committee, I will be representing the African Continent in the upcoming WRTC that will be held inshallah from July 8th to 15th 2014 in Boston, USA.

I selected Hrane YT1AD to be my team mate in this competition.

The World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) is held every four years and consists of approximately 50 two-person teams of amateur radio operators competing in a test of operating skill. Previous WRTCs have been held in Seattle (1990), San Francisco (1996), Slovenia (2000), Finland (2002), Brazil (2006), and Russia (2010). You can learn more about the history and results of previous  WRTC events at www.wrtc.info.


SO2R Technique for the first time in a 3V Station


WAEDC CW was my first ever attempt using SO2R Technique. An Array Solutions Device was kindly brought by YT1AD. Cabling the device wasn't that difficult and it had solid performance all the contest long.

The new technique provided me with extra multipliers and QSO points and I would expect a more extensive use of this technique in the upcoming contests.

For more details, please have a look at the contest story.


TS8TI DXPedition to Djerba Island AF-083


ARAT (Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens) has organized a DXPedition to Djeba Island (AF-083) in collaboration with an Italian team led by Fred IK7JWX. The callsign we chose was TS8-Tunisia-Italia.

The main goal of the DXPedition was to activate this rare island and give radio amateurs a TS8 prefixe! The DXpedition was also a great opportunity to ARAT members to get in touch with skilled operators which will positively impact their knowledge and operating performance.

TS8TI Team


operating TS8TI

Part of ARAT Team

ARAT role was to organize the activities by aquiring license, logistics, booking, etc. The Italian team was kind and donated a TRX and 3 vertical antennas to ARAT Club 3V8ESG based in the Engineering School of Gabes.

I arrived to Djerba island two days before the DXPedition's end. I operated only CW and made over 1000 QSOs in 9 hours. Propagation was excellent and was open towards JA and W/K in the same time with only 100W and a GP antenna right on the beach.

For more information about the activity and other ARAT activities, please visit www.arat.org.tn


Terrain Analysis for 3V8BB


Last week, my main interest was to learn about Terrain Analysis and the profiles impact on antenna performance. That was driven by the presence of mountains located at the back of 3V8BB Station.

At first glance it is clear that 3V8BB QTH is excellent and these mountains only affect SA path. However, I wanted to do the exercise, come up with charts that support this, and why not, look for improvements.

Thanks to N6BV and VA7ST for their support during the elaboration of this work and to S56A, W1UE and K6TU for their comments and ideas

You can download the study here.

Beverage Antenna installed in 3V8BB


Last week I built a 3/4 WL Beverage Antenna in 3V8BB QTH. The beverage consists of about 120m length wire at 1.2m above the ground with 2 earthing rods on both sides.
The feeding point is equipped with a 9:1 Transformer for impedance matching and a 450 Ohms Resistor at terminating end.


- Map with beverage direction

- 9:1 Transformer

- Feeding point

- Installed wire

- Terminating Resistor

2012 Annual Report of ARAT Released


"Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens" ARAT has released the Annual Report of its activity of 2012.

You can download it here.

CQ WW SSB 2011 and 2012 Comparaison: Deceiving propagation


This year's CQ WW SSB condx appeared to be similar to last year's contest. However, my results were under my expectations despite the big difference between 3V8SS and 3V8BB set up. The pileups can't be sustained and it happened so often that I spend long minutes calling CQ with no answer!

DXCC Award Received!


I received today my DXCC award for 102 confirmed DXCCs. All these were confirmed electronically via Logbook of the World LotW (See certificate at left).

Thanks to Vitor PY2NY who sponsored all the payments as money transfer from Tunisia to foreign countries is not possible.

The next objective will be the 150 Milestone. Paper QSL Cards will be needed to achieve the target as soon as possible.

You can find a list of all LotW users by visiting HB9BZA website.

QRV as TA1/KF5EYY from TA1KB

May 17, 2010

At least one week vacation was mandatory for me to rest from a whole year continous work. My request for vacation was accepted and I decided to travel to Turkey. Preparations were very quick and within 2 days I depart to Istambul.


QRV from NR5M Super Station
February 13, 2010

I went to the United States during the month of February 2010 for business. Eric NM5M answered to my call in CQ Reflector seeking for radio amateurs in Texas. We met together, he was so kind and helped me passing the exam for the US License.



Name: Ashraf CHAABANE (Ash)

Date of birth: 19/12/1983

Nationality: Tunisian

Origin: Kerkennah Isl. AF-073

Job: Process Engineer


Operated from: NR5M, TA1/KF5EYY, RA/KF5EYY, YU/3V8SS, G0/3V8SS, A71QND, LZ14IARU, LA/KF5EYY, CN2R

E-Mail: ash.kf5eyy@gmail.com




3V8SS Radio Club


Call: 3V8SS
Location: Sousse City, Tunisia
Address: Maison de Scout Avenue Abou Jihed 4011 Hammam Sousse
Locator: JM55hu
LONG: 10.5941 E
35.85662 N Google map



 - CT-37HF for 20/15/10m

 - Spiderbeam for 20m~10m
 - Vertical 40m GP
 - Vertical 80m/160m GP
QSL Manager: LX1NO

LotW: OK




3V8BB Radio Club


Call: 3V8BB
Location: Bir El Bay, Tunisia
Address: ISAJC POBox 2055

Bir El Bay, Tunis, Tunisia
Locator: JM65er



Antennas: View

 -160: Inverted-V

 - 80: Vertical

 - 40: 3 Elements @ 20m

 - 20: 4 Elements @ 20m

 - 15: 4 Elements @ 20m

 - 10: 4 Elements @ 20m

 - PRO-67

QSL Manager: LX1NO

Direct Received QSLs: here

LotW: OK




3V8SS On the Air!


4O3A: CQWW SSB 2010 (15/10/20m) Stereo Recording of SO2R Operation by ES5TV:

Audio Recording of CN2R during CQWW SSB 2009 on 15:

CN2R: 29-Mar-2009 00:56 SSB 7.0677 (3V8SS QSO starts at 01:28)

CN2R: 22-Mar-2009 00:57 SSB 3.773 (3V8SS QSO starts at 02:10)





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