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Activating HZ1WRTC Special Call from HZ1HZ Station


During my visit to Saudi Arabia in Januray 2023, I had the chance to pass by and meet Laila HZ1HZ in her house on the way back to Tunis from Jeddah.

Leila was very kind allowing me to operate her station. At the time, she and other members of the Saudi Amateur Radio Society were activating HZ1WRTC Special Call. I did use it too on 15m CW, pile-ups were big!


First Satellite Activity from 3V8SS


The last week of Dec 2020 was dedicated to Satellite operation from 3V8SS Station. The station license includes VHF, satellites with 2m Uplink were selected.

I built a 2m/70cm 4/5 Dual Band yagi based on DK7ZB with small modification to fit the frequencies I use.

I did trials on linear satellites, it unfortunately didn't work with semi-duplex operation. I was limited to FM birds, mainly SO-50, ISS and SO-27.

During 6 days of operation, 37 QSOs were performed and 10 DXCCs confirmed. Curfew (and cold weather) restricted operation to day passes.

Thanks to Philippe EA4NF for being so patient encouraging me (for months!) to move a bit away from HF and get started with satellites.

I find satellites operation a real fun that should be resumed in the future.


7X7X Low Bands DXPedition Story


Back in March 2014, The Algerian and Tunisian Amateur Radio Associations have signed a cooperation agreement to reinforce relations through joint activities. Part of the agreement was to exchange visits and conduct DXPeditions.

7X7X Team Photo

7X7X Team Photo

The idea of arranging a DXPedition in Algeria end of 2019 was appreciated by both association. Preparations started end of October 2019.

[


Operating 4U1ITU from ITU Headquarters in Geneva


After attending Friedrishchafen HamRadio 2019, I was taken by my friend Ludo HB9EOU to his QTH in Nauchatel Switzerland and I was happy to operate from his station there.

The day after, we went to Geneva and we operated together 4U1ITU station located in the ITU headquarters building.

Thanks to all those who made that happen.


Visit to Tunisia's Shortwave Broadcast Site


The Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens (ARAT) has arranged on October 31st 2018 a visit to the Shortwave Broadcast Station of Tunisia located in Sidi Mansour, Sfax.

The site also includes 2 verticals for MW broadcast used before for Radio Sfax.

The facilities are not currently operational for budget constraint.

See more photos here.


160m Toploaded Vertical in 3V8SF


Preparing for the new season, I designed and built a top loaded vertical antenna for 160m in 3V8SF location. The antenna is 17m high with two top loading wires 12m each. For instance, the antenna has 8 radials, 19m each. A shunt match coil is added at feedpoint.

First testing night QSOs - 21/09/2018

The map above shows the stations I could QSO during the night of September 21st. The antenna performed really well with 100W only. Unfortunately, the beverage antenna was disconnected.

More info could be found in Topband page.


YB9/KF5EYY from Bali, Indonesia (OC-022)


During my stay in Bali Indonesia for honeymoon, I had the pleasure to meet Made YB9AY in Sanur Area. YB9AY Station is located in Made's house within the fences of his hotel Wirasana Bali.

The YB guest license requires showing to ORARI Official your Passport, a valid license (check countries list able to have guest licenses), a passport photo and fees of 150'000 Rupiah (about 10 US$). Click here to see my guest license.

Propagation from this part of the world is very different. High bands start opening in late hours of the afternoon. QRN is relatively high. local QSOs can be made on low bands.

I made few QSOs on Friday July 24th then decided to operate a little bit in IOTA contest hoping for more activity. I did over 120 SSB QSOs on 15 and 20. Unfortunately, Made didn't have a key or cable for CW.

Made YB9AY is a keen 6m operator. He is a former ORARI President and one of the most active radio operators among thousands of other hams in the island.


CQ WW SSB 2014 from CN2R M/S


Jim W7EJ kindly invited me to join him in a Multi/Single effort from his station CN2R located in Casablanca Morocco. It didn't took me two days for me to confirm my attendance.

The team was composed of W7EJ, EA8RM, I4UFH, HB9DUR, W7ZR, EA9LZ and myself 3V/KF5EYY.

Our plan was to use 1 Run Station and 1 Mult Station. 2 other stations can join the RUN group as in-band stations or as additional MULT station. All the stations were interlocked accordingly.

CN2R Team Myself operating 15m Antenna towers at CN2R

Jim arrived early in October and had to set up two new towers for the MULT/In-Band Stations. The towers were over 250m away from the shack for the stations to be used within 20kHz from any MULT or RUN station. Rotors are driven through WiFi. Each tower was equipped with an A4S and an inverted-V for 40.

The main RUN and MULT stations have three different antennas on each band pointing to different directions with selection possibilities.

Jim on RUN Station Interlocking Master Panel CN2R Team

Contest start wasn't that good but the team could overcome the stress and enjoy. Preparations and fixing didn't finish by contest start, Jim still had to fix some issues with WiFi rotors.

The Partner station wasn't unfortunately ready for use.

Over 1500 QSOs were made on the In-Band stations. The contest ended up with 9818 QSOs and 25 million points.




Thanks to LA7QIA's support, I set up a Reverse Beacon in 3V8SS Radio Station. The set up consists of an SDR-IQ by RF SPACE, CW Skimmer by VE3NEA, W3OA's SkinScan, and a dipole antenna. I sometimes switch it on other antennas as needed.

This Skimmer (named "3V/KF5EYY") is the first in North Africa.

Appreciate the help of N4ZR, VE3NEA and W2RF.

See spots by 3V/KF5EYY Reverse Beacon here.

Spots by 3V/KF5EYY Reverse Beacon


YASME Excellence Award 2013 awarded to KF5EYY!


I was nominated in 2013 to be awarded the YASME Excellence Award. Part of the price value went to support ARAT's activities.

This is what YASME said: "Ashraf Chaabane, 3V/KF5EYY, has become an energetic representative on all fronts of Amateur Radio in Northern Africa and globally, presenting a positive role model for Amateur Radio throughout the Arab world with his enthusiasm and competitive spirit. His mission is to see the day when Tunisia issues him that country’s first individual Amateur Radio license. Chaabane will represent Africa as the team leader for the African team in WRTC-2014".

The full press release can be found here.


KF5EYY Qualified to WRTC 2014!


I'm proud to announce that, following the past 3 years of competition and the selection process run by WRTC committee, I will be representing the African Continent in the upcoming WRTC that will be held inshallah from July 8th to 15th 2014 in Boston, USA.

I selected Hrane YT1AD to be my team mate in this competition.

The World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) is held every four years and consists of approximately 50 two-person teams of amateur radio operators competing in a test of operating skill. Previous WRTCs have been held in Seattle (1990), San Francisco (1996), Slovenia (2000), Finland (2002), Brazil (2006), and Russia (2010). You can learn more about the history and results of previous  WRTC events at www.wrtc.info.


SO2R Technique for the first time in a 3V Station


WAEDC CW was my first ever attempt using SO2R Technique. An Array Solutions Device was kindly brought by YT1AD. Cabling the device wasn't that difficult and it had solid performance all the contest long.

The new technique provided me with extra multipliers and QSO points and I would expect a more extensive use of this technique in the upcoming contests.

For more details, please have a look at the contest story.


TS8TI DXPedition to Djerba Island AF-083


ARAT (Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens) has organized a DXPedition to Djeba Island (AF-083) in collaboration with an Italian team led by Fred IK7JWX. The callsign we chose was TS8-Tunisia-Italia.

The main goal of the DXPedition was to activate this rare island and give radio amateurs a TS8 prefixe! The DXpedition was also a great opportunity to ARAT members to get in touch with skilled operators which will positively impact their knowledge and operating performance.

TS8TI Team


operating TS8TI

Part of ARAT Team

ARAT role was to organize the activities by aquiring license, logistics, booking, etc. The Italian team was kind and donated a TRX and 3 vertical antennas to ARAT Club 3V8ESG based in the Engineering School of Gabes.

I arrived to Djerba island two days before the DXPedition's end. I operated only CW and made over 1000 QSOs in 9 hours. Propagation was excellent and was open towards JA and W/K in the same time with only 100W and a GP antenna right on the beach.

For more information about the activity and other ARAT activities, please visit www.arat.org.tn

CT-37HF Triband Antenna installed in 3V8SS!


Many thanks to Andy RA9CKQ for sponsoring the antenna, the tower, PC interface and antenna switcher. And to Al 4L5A for sponsoring the G-800 Rotor.

Special thanks goes also to all the scouts and everyone who helped realizing this in such record time! 

More photos:

- Preparing the platforms for the rotor and bearing

- Antenna assembly

- Setting the antenna on the tower using a crane

DXCC Award Received!


I received today my DXCC award for 102 confirmed DXCCs. All these were confirmed electronically via Logbook of the World LotW (See certificate at left).

Thanks to Vitor PY2NY who sponsored all the payments as money transfer from Tunisia to foreign countries is not possible.

The next objective will be the 150 Milestone. Paper QSL Cards will be needed to achieve the target as soon as possible.

You can find a list of all LotW users by visiting HB9BZA website.

QRV as TA1/KF5EYY from TA1KB

May 17, 2010

At least one week vacation was mandatory for me to rest from a whole year continous work. My request for vacation was accepted and I decided to travel to Turkey. Preparations were very quick and within 2 days I depart to Istambul.


QRV from NR5M Super Station
February 13, 2010

I went to the United States during the month of February 2010 for business. Eric NM5M answered to my call in CQ Reflector seeking for radio amateurs in Texas. We met together, he was so kind and helped me passing the exam for the US License.



Name: Ashraf CHAABANE "Ash"

Date of birth: 19/12/1983

Nationality: Tunisian

Origin: Kerkennah Isl. AF-073

Job: Process Engineer


WRTC2014 Competitor


E-Mail: ash.kf5eyy@gmail.com



3V8SF Radio Club


Call: 3V8SF
Location: Sfax, Tunisia
Locator: JM54ir
 - 17m Vertical 160m

 - 260m Beverage

 - 4SQ Receiving Array

QSL Manager: LX1NO

LotW: OK




3V8SS Radio Club


Call: 3V8SS
Location: Sousse City, Tunisia
Address: Maison de Scout Avenue Abou Jihed 4011 Hammam Sousse
Locator: JM55hu
LONG: 10.5941 E
35.85662 N Google map


 - CT-37HF for 20/15/10m

 - Spiderbeam for 20m~10m
 - Vertical 40m GP
 - Vertical 80m/160m GP
QSL Manager: LX1NO

LotW: OK




3V8BB Radio Club


Call: 3V8BB (Inactive)
Location: Bir El Bay, Tunisia
Address: ISAJC POBox 2055

Bir El Bay, Tunis, Tunisia
Locator: JM65er


Antennas: View

 -160: Inverted-V

 - 80: Vertical

 - 40: 3 Elements @ 20m

 - 20: 4 Elements @ 20m

 - 15: 4 Elements @ 20m

 - 10: 4 Elements @ 20m

 - PRO-67

QSL Manager: LX1NO

LotW: OK



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